Joint Industry Session: Concepts, Technologies & Techniques

Time Duration Topic / Speaker
10.55 - 11.00 5 min Introductory remarks: Shekhar Agarwal
11.00 - 11.10 10 min Where Technology is Taking Joint Replacement Surgery: Stefano Bini, USA
Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
11.10 - 12.10 60 min SESSION - CONCEPTS KNEE    |     Anchor: S. V. Vaidya
Moderators: S. V. Vaidya, K. C. Mehta
10 min Kinematic Knee - What have we learnt, what do we do with the information (DJO): Mark McBride, USA
10 min Single Radius Knee philosophy & mid flexion instability (Stryker): Ramneek Mahajan, Delhi
10 min Importance of mobile bearing implant in revision TKA (J&J): Rajesh Maniar, Mumbai
10 min FIT Matters with ANTHEM - Tailored for the Indian demands for perfection! (Smith & Nephew): Ali Belooshi, UAE
10 min Stability option in Persona (Zimmer): Ashok Rajgopal, Delhi
10 min Discussion
12.10 - 01.10 60 min SESSION - CONCEPTS HIP   |    Anchor: S. V. Vaidya
Moderators: Surya Bhan, Simon Thomas
10 min Hip arthroplasty in young - How young is too young (Stryker): Y. Kharbanda, Delhi
10 min Corail Pinnacle - One Construct for all (J&J):Vijay Bose, Chennai
10 min Acetabular System - with STIKTITE technology for enhanced fixation (Smith & Nephew): Rajesh Malhotra, Delhi
10 min Distal Fixation Stems with modular options for femoral revision in THA (Zimmer): Sachin Tapasvi, Pune
10 min Expert Hip- A new era in Hip Revision (DJO): Mark McBride, USA
10 min Discussion
01.10 - 01.50 40 min LUNCH
01.50 - 02.50 60 min SESSION - TECHNOLOGY KNEE    |     Anchor: Suryanarayan
Moderators: Pradeep Sharma, Hari Sangtani
10 min Triathalon Design Rationale - My Experience with the implant (Stryker): B. D. Chatterjee, Kolkata
10 min Attune - Engineered for Excellence (J&J): David Dalury, USA
10 min Clinical Supremacy of Oxford, the most successful partial knee in the market (Zimmer): Arun Mullaji, Mumbai
10 min Journey Uni Active Knee Solutions - with Robotics Assisted Precision of Navio (Smith & Nephew): Narendra Vaidya, Pune
10 min My Experience with 3D Knee in over 200 cases in India (DJO): Sujoy Kumar Bhattacharjee, Delhi
10 min Discussion
02.50 - 03.50 60 min SESSION - TECHNOLOGY HIP    |     Anchor: Suryanarayan
Moderators: Pradeep Bhosle, Mahesh Kulkarni
10 min P2 Coating - Rapid Bone in grow th for Hips (DJO): Mark McBride, USA
10 min Role of Trabecular Metal in Revision of the Acetabulum (Zimmer): Allan Gross, Canada
10 min Advanced ingrow th surface fixation technology – Gription (J&J): Mahesh Kulkarni, Pune
10 min Tribological Excellence with Oxinium in VERILAST (Smith & Nephew): Vijay Bose, Chennai
10 min Advancement in cementless implant with SOMA technology (Stryker): Sujit Jose, Kochi
10 min Discussion
03.50 - 04.00 10 min TEA / COFFEE
04.00 - 05.00 60 min SESSION - TECHNIQUES HIP & KNEE    |     Anchor: Suryanarayan
Moderators: S. K. S. Marya, Leo Joseph
10 min Navigation becomes portable, sleek and hand held with the ever-so-reliable OrthAlign (Smith & Nephew): S. K. Srivastava, Lucknow
10 min Role of navigation for TKA today (J&J): Heiko Graichen, Germany
10 min Dual Mobility Cup (MDM) - Indications and Evidence (Stryker): Narayan Hulse, Bangalore
10 min Managing Severe deformities with CAS (DJO): Krishna Kiran, Hyderabad
10 min Introducing Zimmer Biomet Signature Solutions: Patient Pathways meet new Technologies (Zimmer): Satschin Bansal, Switzerland
10 min Tele health - Relevant for India: Stefano Bini, USA
05.00 - 06.00
60 min SYMPOSIUM 1    |     Anchor: Suryanarayan
ISHKS 2017 Inaugural Symposium - Fast Track Recovery in TJR
Moderator: Hemant Wakankar
Panelists: David Dalury, Heiko Graichen, Ray Randle, Anoop Jhurani, S.K.S Marya