Topic / Speaker

07.00 - 07.45 45

Poster Presentation (Podium in Main Hall)

Moderators: Simon Thomas, Pradeep Sharma

Speakers: Chandeep Singh, Digen Patel, Jigar Chhapan, Jigar Chhapan, Rajiv Thukral, Raghu Venkatesh, Sanjeev Gokhale, Santhosh Kumar, Soundar Rajan, Varun Gupta

07.55 - 08.00 5 min Opening remarks: Rajesh Malhotra
08.00 - 09.00 60 min SYMPOSIUM 5 - CHALLENGES IN REVISON KNEE ARTHROPLASTY    |     Anchor: Sanjay Agarwala
Moderator: Ashok Rajgopal
6 min Causes of Early & Late Failure: Heiko Graichen, Germany
6 min Exposure options for revision knee: Andrea Baldini, Italy
6 min Safe and Effective removal of well-fixed components: Manuj Wadhwa, Chandigarh
6 min Extensor mechanism Issues: Rajesh Maniar, Mumbai
6 min Periprosthetic fractures: Yash Gulati, Delhi
6 min Constraints in Rev. TKR: Emmanuel Thienpont, Belgium
6 min Mega Prosthesis: Rajesh Malhotra, Delhi
18 min Discussion
09.00 - 09.20 20 min

CO-BRANDED SESSION - ISHKS & AAHKS    |     Anchor: Sanjay Agarwala

Stefano Bini, S.V Vaidya,
09.20 - 10.20 60 min SESSION - FREE PAPERS (8 + 2 min each)
Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
Judges: Stefano Bini, Ray Randle, Sharan Patil
8+2 min Early results and outcomes in simultaneous bilateral total hip Arthroplasty : Deepak Peswani, Pune, Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
8+2 min Conversion from failed hemiarthroplasty to total hip arthroplasty: Rajeshwar Sidhu, Bangalore, Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
8+2 min Prospective And Retrospective Analysis Of Functional Outcome And Mortality In Un-Cemented Porous Coated Bipolar Hemi Arthroplasty Following Displaced Trans Cervical Femoral Neck Fracture In Patients Above 65 Years Of Age With Follow Up Of 1 Year : Pravin Nandwana, Ahmedabad, Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
8+2 min Influence of metaphyseal tibia vara on surgical technique, femoral component rotation and functional outcome in total knee replacement: Dhanasekararaja, Coimbatore, Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
8+2 min Outcomes of Medial Epicondylar Sliding Osteotomy for Severe Varus Knee in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Six Years Follow-up Study : Vinil Shinde, Pune, Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
8+2 min Development of an algorithm for management of supracondylar femoral periprosthetic fractures around TKA prostheses : Rajiv Thukral, Delhi, Moderator: S. V. Vaidya
10.20 - 10.40 10 min ISHKS Fellow Presentation
Moderators: J. A. Pachore, Shekhar Agarwal, S. S. Mohanty
10 min Poster Awards & Thesis Presentation
Moderators: J. A. Pachore, Shekhar Agarwal, S. S. Mohanty
10.40 - 11.00 20 min TEA/COFFEE
11.00 - 11.20 20 min VIDEO VIGNETTES - REVISION KNEE    |     Anchor: Pradeep Sharma
Moderators: Yash Gulati, Y. Kharbanda
5 min Bone Defect Management – Sleeve: Hari Sangtani, Nagpur
5 min Bone Defect Management – Cones: Ashok Rajgopal, Delhi
5 min Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy : Suryanarayan, Chennai
5 min Link Hinged Knee: Bharat Modi, Vadodara
11.20 - 11.30 10 min Changing face of Arthroplasty in India: Vikram Shah, Ahmedabad
Moderator: Shekhar Agarwal
11.30 - 12.00 30 min REVISION KNEE CLINICAL CASES    |     Anchor: Pradeep Sharma
Moderator: Rajesh Maniar
Panelists: Ray Randle, S. S. Mohanty
10 min

Bharat Modi, Vadodara

10 min  Sunil Rajan, Indore
10 min Piyush Agarwal, Jaipur
12.00 - 12.55 55 min SYMPOSIUM 6 - REVISION HIP    |     Anchor: Pradeep Sharma
Moderator: Sanjay Agarwala
7 min Classification of Acetabular Defects: Rajeev Sharma, Delhi
7 min Management of Acetabular Defects: Allan Gross, Canada
7 min Classification of Femoral Defects: J. V. Srinivas, Bangalore
7 min Management of Femoral Defects: Ronen Roy, Kolkata
7 min Periprosthetic Fractures of Femur: Vivek Shetty, Mumbai
20 min Discussion
12.55 - 01.10 15 min VIDEO VIGNETTES - REVISION HIP    |     Anchor: Pradeep Sharma
Moderators: Inderjeet Sardar, Rajeev Sharma
5 min Removal of well-fixed femur & Acetabulum: Anoop Jhurani, Jaipur
5 min Extended Trochanteric Osteotomy: Avtar Singh, Amritsar
5 min Cup Cage Construct: Allan Gross, Canada
01.10 - 01.40 30 min SESSION - REVISION HIP CLINICAL CASES    |     Anchor: Pradeep Sharma
Moderator: Jacob Varghese
Panelists: Ronen Roy, Allan Gross, Heiko Graichen
10 min

Pankaj Walecha, Delhi

10 min

S. S. Mohanty, Mumbai

10 min Devendra N. Vartak, Pune

Closing Remarks: Pradeep Sharma